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Tarapoto – The Land of Adrenaline

Tarapoto – The Land of Adrenaline


Bordering the Andean mountains and the rainforest jungles of northeastern Peru, Tarapoto is one of the nation’s best-located tourist destinations. Also known as the “City of Palms,” this bustling metropolis has much to offer nature-loving travelers and passionate foodies alike. Located alongside the Amazon Basin, adventurous vacationers can easily access all that the rainforest has to offer. Trek out to one of the region’s many nearby waterfalls, rivers or lagoons. To see how local cacao is transformed into organic chocolate, take a tour of the Fabrica de Chocolates Orquidea, a regional chocolate factory.

Tarapoto also offers tourists the opportunity to sample Amazonian Peruvian food. Before hiking out into the jungle, enjoy juane, a leaf-wrapped dish filled with eggs, olives, meat and rice. Budget travelers can treat themselves to one of the city’s many street food options. For a more upscale experience, visit a local Peruvian restaurant to enjoy delicious cebiche, steaks, or Chinese-Peruvian fusion cuisine.

To experience the flavors of Peru without the travel costs, look no further than Montara Beach, California. At La Costanera Restaurant diners can enjoy authentic Peruvian food without leaving the North American continent. For a taste of the Amazon River, feast on a zesty tuna cebiche or a rich seafood paella. Order a platter of fried platanos to enjoy the sweetness of jungle plantains. Sip on a traditional pisco sour cocktail or savor a non-alcoholic passion fruit drink while watching the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. Regardless of the dish you choose, you’re guaranteed to embark on a culinary adventure when you visit La Costanera Restaurant!

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