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Secrets of the Jungle of Peru

Secrets of the Jungle of Peru

Peru is a vibrant country with countless attractions for visitors to consider. From the rugged peaks of the Andes to the bustling seaports along the coast, this South American destination appeals to all types of tourists. While planning your getaway, one thing to never neglect is the jungle.

The jungle is one of the most diverse places in all of Peru. Known as the Amazon, this jungle attracts attention from tourists and researchers, and a significant portion of this jungle is located in Peru. In fact, this sprawling jungle spans more than half of the country. Despite this size, very few Peruvians actually live in the jungle due to its remote and rugged nature. However, there are tour companies that have designed special tours, making this spectacular habitat a welcoming adventure for tourists.

When considering the secrets of the jungle, there are a few hotspots to keep in mind. One of the best places to start is Iquitos, which is often regarded as the main hub for Amazonian activity in the region. Situated in the northeast portion of the country, Iquitos is only accessible by boat or plane. Even with this remote nature, the city is attractive with a charming square and historical church.

To find something even more exotic, Pucallpa is a great destination for recreation with swimming, fishing and other water activities. This is also a great place to see river dolphins, which are just some of the unique animals that make the biodiversity of the jungle so amazing. Even more wildlife is accessible at Puerto Maldonado. This jungle city has a zoo to showcase the best of the local wildlife, and it is also a good starting point for exploration at Tambopata Natural Reserve.

During any exploration of the jungle’s secrets, it is important to stay well fed. Peruvian food is always delightful, but the selection in the jungle is even more distinctive. Juane de gallina is one of the most famous choices with rice, meat and eggs wrapped in foil and boiled to perfection. Tacaho con cecina, which is roasted plaintains served with pork, is also quite popular.

These specialized options for Peruvian food may be most common in the jungle, but you can unlock the secrets of the jungle at La Costanera Restaurant. As the premier Peruvian restaurant in California, La Costanera Restaurant serves classic flavors with a modern flair. From the tantalizing cebiche to the enticing causa bar, La Costanera is the perfect gateway to Peruvian culture and cuisine. Be sure to call today to make your reservation.

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