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Pescado a lo Macho: Una delicia!

Pescado a lo macho

Though the terrain of Peru spans mountain ranges and tropical rainforests, the cuisine of this great nation is best exemplified by its coastal dishes. In Lima, fresh-caught seafood is incorporated into cebiche, Peru’s iconic national dish. Featuring raw fish marinated in citrus juices and seasoned with spicy aji chili peppers, cebiche is bursting with fresh Peruvian flavors. Regionally-grown produce, such as plantains, sweet potatoes and corn often accompany this beloved staple of Peruvian cuisine.

Pescado, or fish, is one of the most fundamental ingredients in Peruvian culture. In South America as well as abroad, Peruvian food often features fresh-caught seafood ranging from salmon to octopus. At American eateries like La Costanera Restaurant, diners can choose from a variety of fish-based dishes ranging from saffron-flavored seafood paella to Chinese-inspired tuna tartare. True fish lovers, however, will likely want to sample either Pescado Costanera or Pescado a lo Macho.

Diners are left speechless after trying Pescado Costanera. A tender, wild-caught fish of the day is roasted to enhance its natural flavors. Peruvian potatoes, portobello mushrooms, carrots and raw Botija olives add layers of depth and flavor to this dish, which is topped with cau cau, an African-inspired aji pepper sauce.

As its name implies, Pescado a lo Macho features “macho” Peruvian flavors like the spice of aji rocoto peppers. Customers rave that the creamy, rich sauce topping this fish filet makes it perhaps the best seafood dish they’ve ever tasted.

Located in Montara Beach, California, La Costanera offers oceanfront views to compliment its coastal Peruvian cuisine. The restaurant’s extensive menu also features “turf” dishes ranging from marinated beef skewers to Peruvian-inspired macaroni and cheese. If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, pay a visit to La Costanera Restaurant. Whether you’re hungry for Pescado a lo Macho or simply wish to sip on a tangy pisco sour, you’re sure to have a memorable time.

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