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Peruvian Food Is Quickly Becoming World Famous

Peruvian Food Is Quickly Becoming World Famous

From food bloggers to news columnists, everyone has been raving about Peruvian cuisine for the past several years. As people have become more adventurous in trying foreign cuisines during the last couple decades, many chefs started combining ingredients and preparation methods of different cuisines to make more fusion foods. By nature, Peruvian food has always been a fusion cuisine.

The Rise Of Peruvian Cuisine As Fusion Food

Peruvian restaurants started spreading across the United States slowly in the 1990s. They also started appearing in Europe. By the 2000s, there were more restaurants across the world. As people started trying the dishes, they realized that Peruvian food was unique but still incorporated familiar ingredients. For example, some dishes have Peruvian flavors and ingredients but also include vegetables that are stir-fried like Chinese food. Peruvian creations also include fusion influences from Spanish, Basque and Japanese and other dishes. Japanese and Peruvian combinations are actually so popular that a sub-cuisine called “Nikkei” was created from them.

Popular Foods From Peru

One of the hottest dishes from Peru is ceviche. There are entire restaurants dedicated to making different ceviche combinations. It has also earned a spot under the appetizer section on many menus of variety restaurants. Most people do not realize that a large number of potato dishes have Peruvian influences. In addition to this, many Peruvian potato dishes combine ingredients from other cuisines. With over 4,000 types of potatoes to work with, Peruvian chefs know how to manipulate potatoes and turn them into something spectacular.

Modern Peruvian Dishes

Most people wonder where all of the delicious Peruvian dishes started. For the most part, modern Peruvian cuisine has its origins in Lima. This is where most of the cutting-edge culinary creations take place. For tourists who love to try fusion dishes and exotic flavors, a visit to Lima is a must. Delicious creations can be found everywhere from street food carts to upscale restaurants.

To try some of the most delicious modern Peruvian dishes that incorporate influences from Japan to China and across the globe, visit La Costanera Restaurant in Montara. With its ambient atmosphere, seaside location and exquisite cuisine, La Costanera is the top Peruvian restaurant in the San Francisco area.

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