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Peru’s Weather Varies with its Landscape

Peru Amazon

Peru has one of the most amazing and varied ecosystems in the world. This Andean nation includes 11 ecological zones in its coastal, highlands and Amazon rainforest regions. Due to the geographical diversity, Peru’s weather varies widely from city to city.

La Costa or the Peruvian Coast
The coastal area is subtropical desert that is mostly sunny year-round. The south and central areas may get a light drizzle and cloud cover in the winter, but the northern section can be unbearably hot and rainy at summer’s peak although frequent rainfall is part of the weather patterns.

La Sierra or the Highlands
In the Andean mountain ranges, the rainiest months are January through March. Day and night temperatures vary widely, depending on the elevation. Higher and deeper in the mountains, temperatures may drop below freezing at night while averaging in the 50s in the daytime. In the dryer valleys, temperatures range from the 40s to the 70s.

La Sierra Peru

La Selva or the Amazon Basin
The Amazon Basin comprises 60 percent of Peru’s territory. This area is typically hot, humid and very rainy. The sprawling Peruvian Amazon rain forest is rich in natural resources and is the site of the country’s largest natural reserves.

Weather and Regional Cuisine
Peruvian food is touted as one of the most diverse and creative cuisines in the world. The dishes represent fusions of various cultural influences, and the recipes are typically based on locally available ingredients. As such, the menu at a Peruvian restaurant is a reflection of the country’s cultural and geographical diversity. Discover various versions of ceviche and seafood-based dishes in coastal areas but expect more corn and tuber-based creations in the highlands. Traditional meat dishes include the pachamanca, common in both Andes and Amazon regions. Recipes from the Amazon include more diverse ingredients with the wealth of natural resources in this area.

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