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Peru’s Lake Titicaca Offers Natural Beauty

Peru’s Lake Titicaca Offers Natural Beauty

Although the manmade islands of Peru were once made uninhabitable by eucalyptus trees, the location is now returning to its full glory. Thanks to Martha Giraldo, the island steward, the area is welcoming back its flowering plants that frame the surrounding Lake Titicaca. Each year, this “magical lake” attracts numerous tourists. It is packed with various wildlife, including blue-beak ducks and alpacas. When combined with the gorgeous sky, the area is one of the most picturesque places in the world. Even though Peru is known for Machu Picchu, this body of water elicits interest from excited visitors who want to uncover life within the scattered indigenous communities.

The local culture is best reflected through its Peruvian food. Thanks to the blending of Spanish, African, Chinese and Japanese immigrants, it is considered “fusion cuisine.” A Peruvian restaurant is the ideal place to sample the unique explosion of flavors in every bite. To comprehend the history of Peruvian dishes, it is necessary to look back a few centuries as various international groups settled in the country. The Spanish were noted for bringing their sweet flavors, and Japanese people introduced seafood recipes. The Chinese taught new cooking techniques, including stir-frying.

Peru’s Lake Titicaca

Some of the staple ingredients in Peruvian culture are peppers. Chilis and yellow varieties are used to bring color and heat to the plate. Starches are essential as well. Potatoes and corn are common side dish ingredients. Peruvian potatoes have a special texture and flavor, and the corn from this part of the world is more dense than the kind served in North America. Also, fresh fish plays an important role in many recipes. It is commonly cured in citrus juices and flavored with peppers.

Since it is not always possible to travel to Peru and experience the beauty of the natural surroundings and get a taste of the delicious flavors of the area, a person can visit local Peruvian restaurants in the United States that serve scrumptious meals filled with authentic ingredients. For example, La Costanera Restaurant is an upscale choice with a diverse menu.

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