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Peru: Land of the Incas

Peru: Land of the Incas

Perhaps one of the most intriguing empires in history was that of the Incas. For example, their postal system consisted of rope bridges used by running messengers to retrieve or relay messages. While one slept, the other would work. These are additional highlights of the Inca people.

Inca Education
The knotting techniques of the Incas were put to use in the quipus they made. These were colored strings with various knot combinations that were used for math, records and possibly even languages.

Inca Architecture
Inca buildings were also advanced for their time. Builders used various sizes of stones and fit them together like puzzle pieces. What is unique about their masonry method is the way they pieced the stones so tightly together that no cracks were left. What is even more puzzling is how these structures stood up so well to earthquakes over the centuries.

Inca Society
The Incas were certainly smart. Their society was very efficient because of the way jobs were determined. Inca children were given a form of intelligence test. Those who tested lower had manual labor jobs, and those who tested higher were given administrative positions or were considered nobility if they tested the highest.

Inca Farming
Another talent they had was farming. The Inca people created useful ditches and canals for irrigating their crops. One of the most notorious and widespread foods they cultivated was the potato. It originated in Peru, and there are over 4,000 varieties of potatoes in the country today.

Inca Cuisine

Since the Inca people were talented at everything else, it is no surprise that they also possessed culinary talent. The early diets of these people included maize, dried fish, guinea pigs and llamas. They also ate a form of edible clay. Food was cooked with hot stones or in an earthen oven. Potatoes eventually became a staple in several dishes. Cuisine in the empire evolved, and it continued evolving after the fall of the empire.

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