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La Costanera Restaurant: Authentic Peruvian Cuisine

La Costanera Restaurant: Authentic Peruvian Cuisine

There’s no better way to gain an understanding of a country and its people than through the local cuisine. Food has its own language and its unique symbolism. For instance, the diversity of Peruvian cuisine is rooted in its rich history of cultural blending, distinctive geographical regions and a wide variety of agricultural produce.

Variety in Peruvian Cuisine

Peruvian flavors can seem exotic to the uninitiated. The tanginess of different cebiche recipes soaking in the heady taste of leche de tigre is a real adventure once you get past the initial richness of what should rightfully be named the king of Peruvian food. Cebiche is a dish that has been passed down through the generations, and no two versions are ever exactly the same. There is cebiche pescado that is made from the catch of the day or cebiche mixto, which is a mix of fresh seafood, including fresh fish, octopus, squid, various seashells and an aji-based leche de tigre sauce.

Peruvian Food: Causa

If ceviche were to be named the national dish, causa should be recognized as the enduring symbol of Peru’s agricultural success. Peru grows the most potato varieties in the world, ensuring a stable supply of potatoes that vary in shape, color and taste. Causa is typically served chilled, layered and topped with different toppings.

The Element of Taste

Authentic Peruvian flavors are distinctively pleasant and agreeable. While some cuisine specialize in creamy and over-embellished recipes, Peruvian food is notably low key on taste, allowing the fresh taste of recently harvested produce to shine though. Fresh ingredients in anticuchos, whether chicken, beef or vegetables, always turn out flavorful.

Discovering Peruvian Flavors

When it comes to Peruvian cuisine, you should come prepared for a unique adventure. A Peruvian restaurant that serves authentic dishes based on simple recipes aims to preserve the natural taste of fresh produce. Authentic Peruvian recipes call for the perfect blend of color, texture and taste using premium ingredients.

Peruvian Cuisine

When embarking on an adventure to discover the secrets of Peru’s kitchens, try a Peruvian restaurant near you. Check out specialties inspired by dishes from the old country. Adobo is always a good place to start as you down your first glass of pisco.

Under the helm of Chef Carlos Altamirano, La Costanera Restaurant teases your palate with Latin American flavors. Ocean views from the restaurant’s glass walls are outstanding, but the Peruvian fusion cuisine exceeds all expectations. Visit La Costanera Restaurant at Montara for a unique dining experience.

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