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The Interesting World of Peruvian Drinks

The Interesting World of Peruvian Drinks

The legendary Peruvian flavors that have put this South American nation on the world’s culinary map are not limited to the kitchen; they also extend to beverages that you can enjoy with Peruvian food and with great company at the dinner table.

Peruvian drinks can be as elaborate as Peruvian food; in fact, when American tourists visit Peru they will invariably notice that the hottest spots in nightlife districts happen to be Peruvian restaurants. Establishment that combine dining experiences with dancing and Peruvian flavors in terms of cuisine and beverages are not uncommon; people in Peru are able to enjoy all three activities at once. If you are invited to a house party in Peru, your hosts will spend all day cooking and making sure that they can serve traditional Peruvian drinks such as Pisco Sour, Pisco Flight and chicha morada, which can be made virgin or with liquor for guests of all ages.

At a Peruvian restaurant, the chef has the final say on how the drinks should be mixed because they will often be paired with food. Inca Kola, a popular carbonated drink that many people consider to taste better than Coca-Cola, goes well with fried and seared platters; the same can be said about Cerveza Cusqueña, a light porter that is surprisingly refreshing and that can pair well with spicier dishes.

When it comes to cocktails, Pisco Sour is the absolute king due to its preference among Latin American tourists who told their bartenders back home about it. Contrary to what many people believe, Pisco is not firewater or rum; it is a strong brandy that can be enjoyed as a liqueur and that begs to be mixed with various ingredients. In the case of Pisco Sour, the cocktail is made with lime juice, syrup, an egg white, Caribbean bitters and ice. Pisco Flight is a lighter version of Pisco Sour, and a more tropical version is the Pisco Punch.

At La Costanera Restaurant in Montara Beach, we offer a nice range of Peruvian drinks along with other happy hour specialties; you are invited to enjoy our cocktails and pair them with Peruvian appetizers.

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