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Misti Volcano, Arequipa

Peruvian food blends the rustic charm of hearty, nutritious staples with exotic flavors and cooking techniques. This unique combination explains the allure of dishes from Peru, as well as why the cuisine is at home in some of the most elegant restaurants around the world.

The modernity of this South American cuisine surprises many first-time visitors to many a Peruvian restaurant. We may not have a long-standing tradition of fusion cooking in the United States, but diners have wholeheartedly embraced its global appeal. From raw dishes derived from Japanese cuisine to empanadas and other comfort foods, diverse preparation techniques and international ingredients are the hallmarks of this sophisticated cuisine.

Although many foods grown in Peru — potatoes and other tubers, beans and legumes, and corn — are considered stick-to-your-ribs basics, the South American country is also known for more exotic native staples like chili peppers, quinoa and kiwicha, a type of amaranth. The result is a distinctive food culture based on nourishing, delicious dishes and a history of innovative cooking techniques.

If you’ve never been to a Peruvian restaurant, you’ll likely be delighted by the sheer variety of options. Diners at La Costanera Restaurant in Montara Beach, CA, often find it difficult to choose. Whether you’re a vegetarian anticipating meatless quinotto, a quinoa-risotto hybrid, or a carnivore enthusiastic about the prospect of sausage- and lobster-packed paella, you’re sure to find plenty of palate-pleasing options.

If you’re a resident or visitor to Half Moon Bay, enjoy the best of Peruvian food in a beautiful oceanfront setting at La Costanera Restaurant. Whether you’re already a fan of flavorful Peruvian food or looking for an introduction, our staff will be happy to guide you through our menu of classics and fresh takes on Peruvian cuisine.

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