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The Coolest Peruvian Restaurant in Montara Beach

The Coolest Peruvian Restaurant in Montara Beach

Montara Beach is an excellent destination for food lovers. With so many well regarded restaurants in the area, it may be hard to pick just the right one. However, for a dining experience that cannot be topped, be sure to make a reservation at La Costanera Restaurant.

La Costanera is a Peruvian restaurant located in the heart of Montara Beach. The menu has been expertly refined to feature some of the most notable dishes from Peru. These classic Peruvian flavors retain an air of authenticity with Carlos Altamirano in the kitchen. Altamirano was born in the mountains of Peru, giving him unique insight into the flavors that make Peruvian food so special.

After growing up in South America, Altamirano came to San Francisco in 1994. At this time, he trained under some of the best chefs. This experience allowed him to expand his culinary horizons. Now that he is in charge of his own menu, the food selections feature a distinctive mix of traditional Peruvian elements and modern flair. The result is delectable, satisfying fans of Peruvian food and those who are new to South American flavors.

The eclectic menu has many worthwhile choices for all diners. There are ample options for cebiche, which is one of the best known dishes from South America. Cebiche is made through a unique marination process that was developed in Peruvian culture. Many guests also love the choices for anticuchos and empanadas, and the selection of side dishes includes South American staples like yucca fries. There is also a diverse causa bar, and the drinks include the Pisco Sour, which is the most famous South American beverage.

The food may be delicious, but La Costanera offers so much more. The restaurant is perched on the coastline and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. This scenic dining room is 10,000 square feet with soaring ceilings that reach three stories high. This expansive space is exquisitely designed to capitalize on the oceanfront, ensuring that every table has spectacular views of the water.

Whether you are interested in the best Peruvian restaurant in California or simply want an excellent meal with views of the water, La Costanera is the perfect destination for you. Be sure to make your reservations for La Costanera today.

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