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Ceviche: National Dish of Peru

ceviche tasting

Ceviche didn’t start out as the national dish of Peru. This humble dish earned that title over the decades as now almost every Peruvian restaurant serves it. Not only is it popular in South America, ceviche has become a favorite around the world.

Ceviche, also spelled cebiche, has many variations, but the foundation of it is raw fish. In Peru, ceviche is typically made with sea bass cut in bite-size chunks. The fish soaks in a marinade consisting of onions, chilies, lemon and lime juices.

In places outside South America, the dish is served as an appetizer. In Peru, it can also be served as a meal as it typically comes with either corn or boiled sweet potatoes. They all work together to provide the perfect combination of Peruvian flavors of sweet, tangy and spicy.

This particular Peruvian cuisine did not originate with the Incas. It is the result of immigration by the Japanese and Chinese. While Asian slaves were brought to South America in the 1600s, immigration from Asian countries peaked in the 1800′s as people came to Peru to work. Since fish is prominent in Asian food, immigrants sought ways to utilize the abundant Pacific coast of Peru for their cuisine. This specific cuisine combines Peru’s fish and spices with Asian cooking methods.

The dish has since become the number one item in Peruvian food and is called the country’s national dish. Its natural flavors continue to make it popular.

Those wishing to try Peruvian cebiche should come to La Costanera Restaurant, located on Montara Beach in the outskirts of San Francisco. Three cebiches serve include Cebiche Chino Peruano, Cebiche Pescado, and Cebiche Mixto.

Cebiche Chino Peruano combines traditional Chinese cuisine with South American and is made with ahi tuna, rocoto-sweet chili and leche de tigre with crispy wonton. Cebiche Pescado is made with fresh fish daily with aju rocoto and leche de tigre while Cebiche Mixto combines fish with calamari, mussels, camarones with aji rocoto and leche de tigre.

Come catch our cebiche cuisine!

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