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Bringing Peru Right to Your Table

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A few decades ago, the one-of-a-kind flavors behind Peruvian cuisine were hardly known outside of South America. Today, Peruvian food is among the world’s trendiest fares. With its emphasis on fresh, regional ingredients and bold seasonings, the allure of Peruvian food is clear. Diners are increasingly passing up Mexican dishes in favor of sampling Peruvian recipes and restaurants.

Bringing an authentic taste of Peru to your own kitchen table, however, may require a little extra effort. Though major urban areas often offer shoppers the opportunity to purchase ingredients at local Latin grocery stores, those in less populated areas may find it more difficult to obtain some of the key ingredients that define Peruvian flavors. If your community does not have a South American market, seek out an upscale grocer with a large international section. Farmers’ markets may also offer seasonal opportunities to sample exotic produce.

Regardless of where you live, many Peruvian goods can now be ordered online. Purchasing a package of purple corn, a bottle of Inca Kola or a jar of aji amarillo pepper paste will allow you to bring the flavors of Peru to your own kitchen table.

Preparing home-cooked Peruvian food with expensive specialty ingredients isn’t for everyone, however! For those who prefer to stay out of the kitchen, visiting a Peruvian restaurant is a far better way to sample this nation’s distinctive cuisine. Curious diners living in the San Francisco Bay Area should consider booking a table at La Costanera Restaurant. From mouth-watering fried chicharrones to cebiche prepared with fresh fish and locally-grown Peruvian peppers, this Michelin-ranked restaurant offers perhaps the most authentic Peruvian cuisine outside of the nation itself.

For an unforgettable evening served to you on a silver platter, visit La Costanera Restaurant.

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