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5 Reasons Why Peruvian Food is the Best

Lomo Saltado

Outside of Machu Picchu, Peru is arguably best known for its top-notch cuisine. Here are five reasons why we believe Peruvian food is truly the world’s greatest fare.

1. Due to the country’s abundance of natural ingredients, Peruvian flavors are among the most distinctive in the world! Fruity aji amarillo peppers add an indescribable flavor to many of the most popular Peruvian dishes. Over 60 types of corn and 3,000 colorful varieties of potato are native to Peru!

2. Peru is also home to some of the most memorable drinks on Earth. The country’s unique national soda, Inka Cola, is consumed in even greater quantities than Coca-Cola! The pisco sour cocktail, made from Peruvian pisco, lime juice, sugar syrup and an egg white highlights the zestiness that makes this country’s fare unique.

3. Peruvian cuisine reflects the nation’s geographic diversity. From rainforest meals featuring plantains and acai to coastal dishes incorporating raw fish, Peru’s bounty of regional ingredients has inspired dishes as remarkable as the land itself.

4. No nation on earth has mastered fusion cuisine like Peru! The combination of South American ingredients and Chinese cooking styles led to the development of chifa, a Chinese-Peruvian fusion cuisine featured at almost every Peruvian restaurant. European and African influences also add flavor to the country’s culinary melting pot.

5. Peruvian cuisine offers something for everyone. La Costanera Restaurant, a fine eatery located in Half Moon Bay, California, offers a menu that reflects the full breadth of Peruvian flavors and food preparation techniques. Whether you’re in the mood for a juicy street food skewer or a Chinese-inspired seafood dish, you can try it at La Costanera. After visiting this nationally-renowned Peruvian restaurant, you too will agree that Peruvian food is the world’s best cuisine!

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