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10 Peruvian Foods You Must Try

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Peru is one of the most popular destinations for food lovers around the world. With eclectic ingredients and distinctive flavors, Peruvian food is memorable for everyone who dares to expand their culinary horizons. If you want to experience the best of Peruvian flavors, here are ten quintessential Peruvian dishes that you must try.
1. Papa a la Huancaina. Potatoes are a huge part of Peruvian cuisine. With papa a la huacaina, roasted potatoes are served with an unusual cheese sauce. The sauce is usually spicy, and the dish will typically be garnished with hardboiled eggs.

2. Yucca Fries. In the United States, most people are not familiar with yucca, but it is very common in South America. While yucca is used in a lot of Peruvian dishes, one of the most accessible options is the yucca fry.

3. Paella. Peruvian paella is made with bomba rice and is seasoned with saffron. For a truly Peruvian flair, it is sometimes made with Cusquena beer for a flavor that cannot be forgotten.

4. Lomo Saltado. As one of Peru’s best loved dishes, lomo saltado is a traditional stir fry. The dish has Chinese roots with a distinctive Peruvian twist. Most of the time, lomo saltado has strips of marinated beef served alongside fried potatoes and vegetables.

Lomo Saltado

5. Empanadas. These stuffed pastries are popular in many countries worldwide. Peruvian empanadas usually include meat such as pork, ribs or chicken. Mushrooms, cheese and sauces may also be used for memorable Peruvian flavors.

6. Chicharrones. In chicharrones, the meat is typically boiled and fried with a delectable breading. Although chicken or beef is most commonly used, seafood and mushrooms may also be substituted.

7. Causa. Causa is another savory way to eat potatoes. This dish uses layers of potatoes, eggs and other vegetables.

Causa, bim bam boom! Summery explosion of flavors

8. Anticuchos. Although anticuchos are popular with street vendors in South America, it is possible to find upscale versions at any Peruvian restaurant. Anticuchos feature different marinated meats, which are served on sticks for easy consumption.

9. Cebiche. To really experience Peruvian flavors, cebiche is a must. Traditionally, cebiche is raw seafood marinated in citrus juices. This unique cooking method has made cebiche Peru’s national dish.

10. Tiradito. Tiradito is another dish made with raw fish. In tiradito, the fish is seared, sliced and served with a spicy sauce.

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