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La Costanera Weekend Specials

Atun Criollo 26
Pisco pan seared Ahi tuna, aji Amarillo tacu-tacu &
passion fruit-rocoto and crispy cilantro

Sea Urchin Paella 26
Saffron rice, seafood medley,
cooked in Sea Urchin broth

Salmon Bandido 25
Pan seared wild King salmon, sweet potato gratin, escabeche

Monterey Sardines 13
Grilled local sardines with Peruvian panamito beans & chimichurri

Rocoto is fiery chili peppers primarily grown in South America. Chef Carlos Altamirano grows his own rocoto and delivers them to the restaurant to be prepared and incorporated into variety of dishes on the menu. Rocoto sauce at La Costanera is locally, organically grown and prepared fresh daily. When you order the Rocoto sauce at La Costanera, you will get a taste of the chef’s own garden.
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