Outdoor Patio Now Open!
Join us today for food & cocktails and the best views of the Bay Area coastline!
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Pisco Bar

Chicharrones 10
Fried & crispy chicken or calamari

Tequeños Marinos 11
Calamari stuffed wontons and tamarilo sauce

Bolitas de yucca 9
Crispy chorizo stuffed yucca balls

Anticuchos 9
Beef heart skewer with grilled potatoes & ocopa

Sanguchón 18
(Food Truck Original)
Pulled pork, salsa criolla, salsa fusion & sweet potatoe fries

Barbacoa 9
Pork sparerib with homemade BBQ sauce

Pastel de Cangrejo 17
Potato chips crusted fresh Dungeness crab cake, mushrooms & sweet rocoto sauce
(Add fried soft cage free egg $3)

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