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Scallops Carlitos: Order It, Eat It, Love It

Scallops Carlitos

Scallops are a favorite starter for many food enthusiasts, and they are a popular seafood choice in Peruvian cuisine. In the 1980s, cultivation of scallops grew in popularity in Peru. As a result, they were used more in cooking and were also exported. Scallops were cultivated on farms, and many of them are still run by independent families today. The Peruvian people found ways to raise scallops in netting that has a minimal environmental impact. This efficient method and the care taken by farmers yields some of the most delicious scallops on the Southern half of the globe. Every scallop lover should try authentic Peruvian food, which incorporates them into some very unique and scrumptious flavor combinations.

One of the most addictive tapas using these delectable sea creatures is Scallops Carlitos. Imagine fresh Day Boat scallops that are pan-seared to perfection. Top them with Picantito de Choclo, which is a savory Peruvian corn sauce prepared from fresh corn on the cob. The scallop tops are garnished to perfection, and the masterpiece is served with fresh garlic chips. Imagine biting into a perfectly-cooked scallop with this corn sauce. The mixture melts in the mouth, and the two ingredients work so well together that this dish quickly becomes a favorite of many foodies. It is a great choice to order for any occasion, whether it is a date, casual dinner out or a gathering with friends.

To try this unique and savory dish in the San Francisco area, visit La Costanera Restaurant. For any special occasion, most people look for unique restaurants to impress their dinner dates, friends, coworkers or family members. Whether it is for a business dinner or first date, a Peruvian restaurant is sure to impress anyone. Scallops Carlitos is a popular menu choice at La Costanera Restaurant, and everyone is welcome to visit and try this dish. Come in for a great environment, unique flavors and impeccable service.

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