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Reasons to try Empanadas Peruanas

Empanadas Peruanas

Many countries have their own iteration of the empanada. In Colombia and Belize, empanadas are deep-fried. And in India, empanadas are prepared with sweet fillings. Like all great recipes, the entire world makes modifications to the original to add their own accent, to suit the native tongue. The true food lover is a world traveler, who wants their passport stamped in every country. In Peru, the empanada recipe takes this essence to heart.

This Peruvian food blends the best of both worlds. Traditional Empanadas Peruanas are a unique blend of sweet and savory Peruvian flavors, and a staple among purveyors of Peruvian cuisine. The filling is comprised of meat (pork, beef, or chicken), hardboiled eggs, raisins and black olives. The hand-breaded shell is dusted with powdered sugar and doused with lime. These ingredients work together to create a tart and hearty taste profile that electrifies the palette. For a spicier affect, empanadas can be spiced with cumin and red chili peppers. Picadillo is often used in the filling, and though its recipe varies from one region to the next, it is typically a blend of tomatoes, red pepper garlic and onion. Aji sauce, an equally ubiquitous filling, can also be used in the empanada dish. It is best described as a creamier version of minced picadillo.

Peruvian food is by definition a multicultural endeavor, which is embodied in the varying types of fillings used in the Empanadas Peruanas. Therefore, Peruvian flavors are not limited to one particular aspect, and not every Peruvian restaurant is offering the same meal.

La Costanera Restaurant, located near San Francisco on Montara Beach, offers a contemporary twist on these traditional flavors and gets to the essence of Peru’s fusion cuisine. Experienced chef, Carlos Altamirano uses ingredients brought straight from Peru, in order to guarantee a fresh and authentic Peruvian restaurant dining experience.

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