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Popular Peruvian Starter Dishes and Appetizers

Popular Peruvian Starter Dishes and Appetizers

In many of today’s Peruvian restaurants, pre-dining options are filling and satisfying. Instead of eating a full meal, order a few starters or appetizers as this dining technique will give you the chance to taste different kinds of Peruvian Food.

An Introduction to Peruvian Starter Dishes and Appetizers

Cebiche is Peru’s national dish, and you may find it under the appetizer’s section on the menus of many Peruvian restaurants. Due to the dish’s popularity, there are a number of variations, but when it is prepared traditionally, Cebiche has just five ingredients, which are fresh white fish, lime juice, Peruvian chili peppers, onions and salt.

Anticuchos are another popular starter or appetizer. These skewers feature small portions of grilled meat that’s been marinated in lime juice, vinegar, cumin, pepper and Peruvian chili peppers. To eat the traditional version of Anticuchos, order your skewer with beef heart. Most restaurants also make the appetizer with chicken, regular beef and fish.

If you enjoy crunchy won tons, then order the Tequeños. The menu item is generally offered as an appetizer in Peruvian restaurants, and many eateries fill the crispy wraps with cheese and serve them alongside an avocado dip.

Popular Peruvian Spices

To create amazing cuisine, your local Peruvian restaurant uses spices like aji, cilantro and red rocoto pepper. Aji is a kind of fiery orange chili pepper, and it is the main spice used in Peruvian cooking. You’ll taste aji in menu items like Papa a la Huancaina and tamales. Cilantro is a powerful spice with a fresh flavor. Peruvian cooks generally use it in seafood dishes. Red rocoto pepper is another popular Peruvian spice. It is one of the country’s hottest spices, so chefs often turn it into a sauce by mixing it with oil and lemon.

Local Peruvian Dining

If you’re interested in experiencing quality Peruvian food, make reservations at the La Costanera Restaurant. You can begin your dining adventure with a classic starter dish from Peru, but make sure the finale is one of the restaurant’s delectable desserts. At the La Costanera, you’ll enjoy unforgettable ambiance and tasty cuisine.

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