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Pescado Costanera, Savoring the Sea

Pescado Costanera

Peruvian food from the coastal region of the country takes advantage of the plentiful seafood on offer to construct dishes that are aromatic with spices and rich in flavor. The deep, cool waters off of Lima invite species like sea bass and tuna, while closer to shore, fishermen reel in flounder, rock bass and pintadilla. Citrusy ceviches and hearty paellas are traditional seafood dishes in Peru, though contemporary chefs make use of historic ingredients to create fresh new interpretations of historic dishes.

Pescado Costanera is one such innovative dish. A freshly caught fish of the day is flash roasted and paired with potatoes, hearty Portobello mushrooms and flavorful Bojita olives. These olives come from Peru and are distinctive in that they are cured only when fully ripe. Unlike many olives that are cooked or chemically ripened, Bojita olives are a fleshy variety cured raw with water and sea salt, leaving them to slightly ferment until they achieve a depth of flavor without being bitter. The dish is finished with a bright yellow Cau-Cau sauce, reminiscent of the traditional Incan dish found throughout much of Peruvian cuisine. The result is a delicious balance of flavors and textures that pays tribute to the history and artistry of Peruvian cuisine.

Visit La Contanera Restaurant for the finest in contemporary Peruvian dishes. Using traditional Peruvian flavors and ingredients in innovative ways to capture the spirit of the Incas in every flavorful bite, La Costenera is a Peruvian restaurant that combines a flawless seaside setting with talented chefs and exemplary ingredients for a one of a kind dining experience.

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