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Peruvian Piqueos: Hot or Cold Delicacies for Your Dining Experience

Peruvian Piqueos

Americans are familiar with appetizers, and many restaurants serve chips and salsa or mozzarella sticks as part of their standard pre-meal selection. While these expected choices are fine, they lack the pizzazz and diversity of Peruvian piqueos.

At first glance, it may be tempting to think that piqueos are just a South American alternative to appetizers. However,Peruvian food is meant to be more than a meal. Instead, it is a sensory experience designed to engage your mind and body with succulent tastes, smells and textures. This experience starts with piqueos.

Unlike American appetizers, which tend to be fairly uniform, piqueos are noted for their diversity. When considering the options, it is important to first decide whether the platter will be hot or cold. Although the design and texture of the platter will always be somewhat similar, the choice of food will vary substantially based on the desired temperature of the platter. Because of this, many Peruvian restaurants will have both a hot and cold selection on the menu.

The specific options for food can vary with any piqueos platter, but many choices will reflect Peruvian cuisine on a whole. For example, it is not uncommon to see choritos or conchitas on a piqueos platter at a Peruvian restaurant. For cold varieties, cebiche and octopus are quite popular. Overall, the options often tend to feature seafood dishes, which is reflective of overall trends in Peruvian cuisine. All the choices are made with savory seasonings and delectable sauces, which are quintessential cultural elements to complete any Peruvian menu.

The hot and cold selections ensure that these appetizers are never boring. Instead, they offer eclectic nibbles that everyone at the table is sure to appreciate. To experience the best Peruvian dining in California, be sure to remember La Costanera Restaurant. The menu features a full range of classic Peruvian dishes with a contemporary flair for the ultimate dining experience.

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