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Peruvian Food Can Seduce Everyone

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Peruvian food, like Peru itself, is a complex blend of many different influences: European, African, Asian and indigenous American. These very different streams flow into each other to create a gastronomical tradition like no other. There’s no cuisine on earth that provides an experience quite like food of Peru.

Peruvian food thus embodies the best of New World culture: mingling together great flavors from many lands to create something innovative and new. Tasting Peruvian cuisine is like going on a world tour, with each new meal offering a new experience. As our planet grows more interconnected, the possibilities continue to expand. A modern Peruvian Restaurant will continue the tradition of combination and experimentation, while always remembering its roots high in the Andes or in the plains of the Pacific coast.

Cebiche, one of the most popular foods to come out of Peru, consists of uncooked fish marinated in “tiger’s milk,” a combination of lime juice and spices. Cebiche has an ancient history dating back to the time of the Incas, but it has also been given a modern twist in more recent times as new ingredients have become available. It’s often served alongside other Peruvian products such as sweet potatoes or avocadoes. No one can say they’ve truly experienced Peruvian cuisine or culture until they’ve sampled this unique and memorable dish.

At La Costanera Restaurant, we offer a wide variety of contemporary Peruvian dishes, from several varieties of Cebiche and many other entrees to appetizers like Crema de Zapallo (a creamy soup with Kabocha squash, shrimp, corn, pisco brandy and cheese) and desserts including flan and churros. We also have an extensive selection of wines from South America and beyond. Come to La Constanera or make a reservation to experience our award-winningPeruvian flavors and enjoy the beautiful ocean-side view.

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