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A Peruvian Christmas Dinner

peruvian christmas dinner

Every country has its own Christmas traditions, but none are as tasty as those from Peru.

Peruvian cuisine makes the holidays extra special in this South American destination, offering familiar comfort foods with unexpected twists. To celebrate the holidays with Peruvian flavors, here are four dinner elements to remember.

1. Succulent meats. The main course at most Peruvian Christmas dinners is usually roasted meat. Turkey is especially popular, but pork is a common second choice. Other roasted birds may show up, but turkey is often the focal point of the meal. While many Americans already eat turkey during the holidays, Peruvian food takes the standard recipes even further. For real Peruvian food at your Christmas feast, be sure to roast your turkey with a traditional Peruvian rub to add flavor to the roasting process.

2. Vibrant salads. Salads appear at most American meals so they may not seem too exciting. However, Peruvian salads are a unique treat, offering distinctive colors and textures that you may not expect. Peruvian food will often use unexpected vegetables and is not afraid of other flavors from beans, quinoa and more. Eggs, avocado, corn and beans are all popular choices in Peruvian cuisine. Fruit salads are also included with applesauce or quince puree.

Peruvian Salad

3. Fantastic tubers. Although it may seem American, sweet potatoes with marshmallows are also quintessential in Peru. The fact is that these popular tubers are far more common in South America than the United States, and other potato dishes are also mainstays at most Peruvian Christmas dinners. Sweet potato may be paired with yucca for unique Peruvian flair. Some traditional dishes include causa and papas a la huancaina, but there are many different choices to consider.

4. Riveting rice. Rice is exceptionally important in South America, and Peruvian rice is a far cry from the boring rice most Americans know. Peruvian rice, on the other hand, adds in lots of flavors by accenting the meal with bacon, fruits and vegetables. Some recipes call for distinctive food combinations, adding almonds and apricots in a balsamic vinegar sauce. There are few limits when it comes to Peruvian flavors, which ensures that the meal is the highlight of any holiday gathering.

If you want to taste the best of South America this Christmas, you can also stop by La Costanera Restaurant. This Peruvian restaurant is located outside of San Francisco and has a menu of wonderful dishes and drinks from South America. Whether you want to celebrate the season or just eat a good meal, visit La Costanera today.

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