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Peru: Trujillo Marinera Festival

Marinera Festival


For us in America, January is a slow month that gives us time to rest after a busy holiday season. The people in Perusee January differently as it is the time of one of the biggest festivals of the year called the Trujillo Marinera Festival.

The festival is a yearly cultural event in the coastal city of Trujillo. The primary focus is the marinera, a common dance of the area. The marinera simulates courtship and falling in love. Props are handkerchiefs and costumes are exotic. Men wear shoes, but women dance barefoot in the Marinera Nortena. The dance is so tied to the ancient city that the Peruvian government declared the city as the National Capital of Marinera.

The highlight of the festival is the dance contest. It is not just a local city contest, for it draws competitors from around the world as well as thousands of tourists. The festival also includes other events such as cultural presentations, parades and Peruvian paso horse competitions.

This is an old city with a rich cultural heritage and its food represents it well. Being a coastal city, typical foods include seaweed, shellfish and fish as well as birds and livestock. Cebiche is the native dish, as it is considered throughout Peru. Most restaurants serve Shambar, a soup with beans and ham, on Mondays. Turkey is also an important staple as it is used in dishes like Theologian Soup and Pepian of Turkey.

One of the most important foods available in the city is candy. The area is known for its many sweet shops, which sell traditional alfajores as souvenirs for tourists.

Those who can’t make it to Peru for the festival can enjoy the same atmosphere and food by dining at La Costanera Restaurant, located on Montara Beach near San Francisco. The Peruvian restaurant offers traditional Peruvian food such as Cebiche and Costillitas. The staff will welcome you with warmth of the Peruvian spirit!

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