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Peru: The Nazca Lines and Beyond

nazca lines

One of the world’s most fascinating mysteries is the Nazca Lines in southern Peru. The lines, recognizable geoglyphs of things like birds, animals and geometric designs, have been investigated by both archaeologists and paranormal sleuths without much success in finding an explanation.

There are several aspects of the Nazca lines that add to the mystery. The first is the age of the drawings. The drawings, located in the Pampas of Jumana in the Nazca Desert, date back to 200 to 600 A.D. That pre-dates the Incan culture to the Nazca civilization.

The second aspect of the mysterious art is the details of more than 300 drawings, but that is surpassed by the fact that the art can only be seen from the air. The lines were unknown to the world until university professor Paul Kosok saw them while on a flight over the desert during a 1939 research project examining ancient irrigation systems of the area.

It is another detail of the lines that provokes the most discussion. There appears to be a runway and one of figures appears to be an astronaut in a spacesuit. While there are many theories regarding the lines, there isn’t a concrete explanation.

The Nazca people were highly civilized and largely dependent on crops. Archaeological studies show corn, beans, peanuts, squash and fish as typical food items. There are many restaurants in Nazca today that carry on ancient food traditions and cater to tourists looking at the lines.

Ancient food traditions of southern Peru aren’t lost in the United States. La Costanera Restaurant, located close to San Francisco, is well versed in Peruvian food methods. Chef Carlos Altamirano is from southern Peru and creates authentic dishes that celebrates both the modern and ancient culture. This Peruvian restaurant has a variety of dishes, from main dishes to desserts, that provides you with a true South American experience that leaves you falling in love with the culture!

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