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Peru: A Marvelous Destination to Visit and to Taste


Peru boasts a bold and colorful culture with people and food to match. Melding a world of influences and healthy ingredients, Peruvian cuisine offers a wealth of hearty flavors. From seafood to soup, visitors and locals alike can enjoy the fruits of area chefs’ labors in the form of diverse menus stocked with flavorful fusion dishes.

In its interactions with other cultures, the Andean country picked up numerous cooking techniques. The technique used to make ceviche as we know it today is derived from the way Japanese chefs make sashimi. Tasty, filling stews are the result of African culinary influences.

Some of the cooking styles and basic ingredients of the Peruvian diet are relatively new to most of us in the US. Quinoa has become extremely popular in the last several years here due to its high protein levels, gluten-free status and nutty flavor. Quinoa has been grown in the Andes Mountains as a food source for thousands of years, though, providing the region with a delicious vegetarian source of nutrition.

Surprising flavor combinations are another hallmark of Peruvian food that has only recently come into prominence here. A dish suddenly becomes more complex when sweet, salty and sour come together. Peruvian chefs have long understood the importance of personalizing a meal with a blend of flavors that teases the various taste buds. These impressive melanges also enable cooks to incorporate potatoes and other indigenous foods with ingredients and recipes from far-flung places.

You don’t have to visit Peru to enjoy its amazing cuisine — although you should if you have the chance. La Costanera Restaurant offers the best in Peruvian food against the beautiful backdrop of our Half Moon Bay location. We believe fantastic entrees like African-influenced stews and elegant seafood dishes deserve the freshest ingredients and an inviting atmosphere. Visit our Peruvian restaurant in Montara Beach for exciting new takes on cebiche, Papa a la Huancaína and other Peruvian cuisine classics in a stunning oceanfront setting.

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