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Peru : A Land Rich in Natural Beauty

Peru : A Land Rich in Natural Beauty


Some countries tend to be better than others in terms of tourism marketing. Egypt, for example, tends to attract those interested in ancient history while Costa Rica is the queen of eco-tourism. Peru is known for history and culinary experiences, but tourism officials have only recently started to promote the vast natural beauty of this South American nation.

There is a lot more than Peruvian cuisine to enjoy when you visit this magical country. Mountain climbers and hikers who enjoy pushing themselves for the ultimate reward of breathtaking views. In recent years, tour guides in the ancient city of Machu Picchu have started taking clients to surrounding mountainous forests that are lush with vegetation and wildlife. You need to be in reasonable shape to go on one of these treks, but the sights you will see and the pictures you will be able to take home will be worth the effort. You may wonder how dense forests can thrive in seemingly inhospitable terrain at such high altitudes; the answer is literally blowing in the wind that comes from the generous biosphere of the Amazon River, which provides the Andes with rich nutrients.

Speaking of the Amazon River, the Peruvian jungle is something that begs to be experienced. The northeastern region of Loreto is a perfect launching point for setting off on an Amazon River cruise and exploring the vast rain forest, which covers about half of the country.

Peru is also home to windy Pacific beaches and expansive deserts; there is no shortage of natural attractions for eco-tourists to enjoy. Naturally, delicious Peruvian food can be enjoyed in every single region of this country; in fact, many tourists make it a point of visiting a different Peruvian restaurant on every day of their visit.

At La Costanera Restaurant in Montara Beach, we invite you to experience the taste and diversity of Peruvian cuisine so that you will have an idea of what to expect during your South American trip.

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