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Peru: A Land Of Abundance

Peru: A Land Of Abundance

Since ancient times, Peru has been a land rich in natural resources. With its mountainous, tropical, and coastal regions, the geographic spread of this South American nation has fostered a virtually unparalleled genetic diversity of crops, a fact that is reflected by the distinctiveness of Peruvian cuisine.

Native to the Peruvian Andes, more potato varieties grow in Peru than anywhere else in the world. Thousands of potatoes range in size and shape from round and red to long, thin and purple. Other crops, such as quinoa, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, chili peppers and corn are believed to have originated from the region. When brought back to Europe, these new crops radically transformed the diet of the entire continent.

Peru’s incredible heterogeneity isn’t limited to its crops, however. With over 1,700 different species of birds, 1,600 orchid varieties, and hundreds of distinct species of mammals, reptiles, and insects, Peru’s extensive range of flora and fauna remains a source of fascination for scientists and researchers from around the globe. With soil rich in metals ranging from zinc to gold, Peru’s natural resources also lend themselves to profitability.

Visiting a Peruvian restaurant is arguably the best way to taste the culinary abundance of this great nation. At La Costanera Restaurant, one of the most exclusive Peruvian eateries in the San Francisco Bay Area, diners can choose from dozens of inventive dishes that highlight the country’s native produce and melting pot fusion cuisine. Enjoy a salad that blends the savory tang of raw Botija olives with the indulgent sweetness of a passion fruit vinaigrette. A broad range of native ingredients, including aji peppers, yucca, Peruvian potatoes, quinoa, plantains, fresh seafood and more highlight the jaw-dropping medley of ingredients that make Peruvian food special.

To treat your palate to an explosion of Peruvian flavors, pay a visit to La Costanera Restaurant. An abundance of delectable dishes await!

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