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The Perfect Peruvian New Year’s Eve

The Perfect Peruvian New Year's Eve

Similar to other Latin American nations, Peru is known as a country where the holiday season is festively celebrated in the company of friends and family. This season is anchored by two special nights: nochebuena on Christmas Eve and nochevieja on New Year’s Eve. As can be expected, these two nights are punctuated by fine Peruvian cuisineand celebratory cocktails.

Bringing in the New Year in Peru means planning the menu and activities for nochevieja as early as December 28. There are a few superstitions practiced for the purpose of bringing luck; one of the most interesting is purchasing yellow underwear on New Year’s Eve. Another superstition involves walking around the block while carrying an empty suitcase to make travel wishes come true. In many communities, neighbors get together to make a dummy out of old clothing, stuffing it with fireworks and watching it being consumed by fire; this represents a reconciliation of all the bad situations experienced in the previous year.

Enjoying delicious Peruvian food is a must during any celebration, particularly on New Year’s Eve. Some of the traditional Peruvian flavors for this celebration are the same as those enjoyed on Christmas Eve; the most popular choice is a pork roast, however, elaborate seafood, rice and pasta dishes are increasingly finding their way to lavish New Year’s Eve table spreads.

It is not unusual for friends and relatives to gather at a Peruvian restaurant on December 31 for an early dinner before returning home to enjoy lighter snacks and cocktails such as Pisco Sour. The countdown to midnight is capped with a champagne, wine or firewater toast. For members of the Peruvian diaspora around the world, the perfect New Year’s Eve is spent in restaurants where their cuisine is served.

Located in Half Moon Bay, La Costanera Restaurant is proud to be a friendly place where Peruvians and their friends can bring in the New Year while they enjoy a taste of home. If you are new to the wonderful world of Peruvian cuisine, the holiday season is a perfect time for a joyful introduction.

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