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What distinguishes Latin American flavors from foods of other regions? Is it the fresh, piquant spices? The warmth and depth of roasted cumin infused in savory broth made with native grains? Succulent pork roasted, then wrapped in a blue corn tortilla? The essence of chocolate paired with sweet fruit from the Amazon basin? Each of these flavors contributes to the tastes and experience of the foods of Latin America.

Peruvian flavors build on the essence of local flavors as well as influences from other cultures that define Peru’s heritage. Immigrants from Japan, China, Italy, Britain, Africa and Spain brought culinary traditions and ingredients to the New World. Ingredients native to Central and South America were brought to Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Chilies, native to the New World, became an essential ingredient in cooking around the world. Plantains, one of the staples of a Latino kitchen, were brought to the New World from Africa.

Today, the flavors of Peru are enjoyed worldwide. Different types of chili peppers, each with its own distinctive flavor and fieriness, form the background of many dishes, the spiciness contrasting with the sweetness of pumpkin, potatoes or corn. A meal is completed with a sweet such as dulce de leche or suspiro de limeño.

Where can North Americans savor all of these delectable preparations? La Costanera Restaurant, located on Highway 1 just south of San Francisco on Montara Beach, presents Peruvian cuisine. Guests can savor an assortment of traditional dishes prepared by native Peruvian chef Carlos Altamirano, who uses his heritage to create a fusion of tastes using authentic ingredients.

Start with a soup from fresh kabocha squash, seasoned with Peruvian corn, brandy and shrimp. Cevice, the national dish of Peru, features the freshest seafood from the Pacific Ocean steeped in lime, hot sauce made from chilies like aji limo and delicately contrasted with avocado or radish. Main courses at this Michelin-rated Peruvian restaurantinclude traditional dishes such paella, adobo and fresh seafood preparations. Come and enjoy a culinary experience at La Costanera Restaurant and let the secrets of the Latin American kitchen be revealed as you dine.

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