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La Costanera Has One of the 10 Most Beautiful Restaurant Views

La Costanera Has One of the 10 Most Beautiful Restaurant Views

La Costanera Restaurant has always been recognized as one of the best destinations for Peruvian food in the entire United States. Here, visitors can try delectable dishes from South America, including traditional meals with modern variations. From the succulent entrees to the decadent desserts, the restaurant has a menu that is both surprising and absolutely enticing. However, this premier Peruvian restaurant has more to offer than the strength of its menu. The fact is that La Constanera is an entire dining experience.

At least, that is the conclusion drawn by, which recently published a list of restaurants with the best views. This list of elite dining destinations captures the essence of what makes dining out so special. While anyone can stop at a fast food restaurant to grab food when there is no time to cook at home, some restaurants are actually a refuge from the frenetic pace of modern life. made the list from a pool of 100, which was put together by OpenTable to highlight some of the best restaurant views. By narrowing down the list, was able to consider the dining experience on a whole, looking at the restaurant’s ability to deliver a good meal, good service and a good time. Although there are many impressive options, La Costanera proudly made the cut, making it one of the most notable restaurants in the entire United States.

With one step inside the restaurant, it is not hard to see why. Located in Montara, California, La Costanera has a prime oceanside location. However, there are countless restaurants up and down the Pacific coastline. What makes La Costanera different, therefore, is just how well that view is used. The restaurant is designed to take full advantage of the view, and the dining room has been created to give every diner access. Some restaurants have limited seating with an ocean view, but La Costanera does not have a bad seat on the entire dining floor. The restaurant relies on extra large windows, which start at the floor and wrap up and around the ceiling. If these interior panoramic views are not enough, there is also space for outdoor seating.

No matter where one might sit, La Costanera Restaurant is a spectacular choice for a meal out. Even for those who have never tried Peruvian food before, the restaurant provides a dining ambiance that is well worth a visit.

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