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Healing a Broken Heart With Peruvian Food

Healing a Broken Heart With Peruvian Food

For the lovelorn and the heartbroken, food provides the ultimate comfort. Eating is a sensual experience, engaging the sense of sight, smell and taste. Nowhere is this more apparent than with Peruvian food with its colorful presentations and intense flavors. Aside from an interesting mélange of Peruvian flavors, dishes that have a distinct texture and an extra crunch engage other senses also, which enhances the experience, providing both distraction and solace.

Secrets of Ceviche

There is ceviche and there is authentic Peruvian restaurant ceviche. With an interesting mix of fresh seafood, some vegetables and spices in leche de tigre, ceviche is not for mindless eating. To relish every bit of this dish requires sitting down with all senses engaged. It is said that the intensity of the flavors in ceviche can drown your sorrows. Citrus is believed to help ease nervous tension and citrus is the base ingredient of tiger’s milk, which gives ceviche is distinctly exotic flavor.

The Case for Causa

Potato, in its various incarnations, is the go-to comfort food in many cultures. The causa is Peru’s kicked-up version of mashed potatoes. It is served chilled and flavored in different ways with toppings that vary from fish to chicken to vegetables. The layered dish may be topped with aji, which is known to have health benefits, including increased metabolism and enhanced immunity.

When in Despair, Eat!

All is fair in love and war, but ending a relationship hurts before it gets better. If you find yourself in this situation, find ways to spoil yourself a little with food and the company of good friends.

Losing out in the game of love is particularly stressful around Valentine s Day, but you can pamper yourself with new adventures in Peruvian dining prepared by Chef Altamirano at La Costanera Restaurant. The food is presented to engage all your senses, and you dine in a gorgeous setting with views of the Pacific Ocean. What better way is there to forget misadventures and ponder new opportunities ahead? At La Costanera, come for the gastronomic experience; leave light-hearted and satisfied.

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