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Fly to Peru and Discover Peruvian Food

Typical Peruvian Dish: Tiraditos

For six years straight, the fresh, inventive nature of Peruvian cuisine has earned the nation the title of World’s Leading Culinary Destination. For passionate foodies with the means to travel, a gastronomic tour of the nation is an excellent way to experience Peruvian flavors of all varieties. Spend a few days in Lima, the country’s top culinary destination. Explore the city’s street food cuisine through dishes like anticuchos, mouth-watering skewers traditionally comprised of beef heart, chili, garlic, and vinegar. Enjoy raw, fresh-caught fish in citrusy cebiche, Peru’s national dish. Visit a Chifa restaurant to discover the magic that occurs when Chinese and Peruvian food meet. Travel further into the country to experience the exotic flavors found in Amazonian dishes and the traditional Inca cuisine of the Andes.

Whether it’s due to a shortage of funds or a lack of vacation days, traveling to Peru might not be a possibility for you at the moment. If you can’t sneak away for a holiday, visiting a top-notch Peruvian restaurant is the best way to capture the essence of the Peruvian dining experience.

La Costanera Restaurant, located in Montara, California, offers diners the chance to experience authentic and inventive Peruvian dishes created by nationally-renowned chef Carlos Altamirano. For a taste of Lima, treat yourself to a spicy ahi tuna cebiche while indulging in La Costanera’s jaw-dropping oceanfront views. To transport yourself to a Peruvian street market, bite into a savory beef and raisin empanada. For those who cannot fly to Peru this year, a drive to La Costanera is a delicious alternative.

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