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Fantastic Peruvian Cuisine in California

Peru is a Foodie’s Paradise

In October 2017, a gastronomical team from William Reed Business Media, a British consortium, held a special event in Bogotá to announce the best restaurants in the Latin American region. William Reed is the publisher of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, a list that commands lots of respect in the culinary world. It so happens that over the last three years, restaurants that specialize in Peruvian food have topped the list in Latin America.

People across South America are well acquainted with the gastronomical arts of Peru; however, Peruvian cuisine is something that is just being discovered by people around the world. The amazing taste and sheer diversity of Peruvian food can be attributed to the abundance of ingredients that can be found in Peru as well as to the country’s sense of multicultural integration. For many centuries, Peruvian flavors have evolved thanks to a desire to incorporate new ingredients and mix different styles; in other words, the original fusion style of cuisine can be said to have naturally developed in this country.

At La Costanera Restaurant, Chef Carlos Altamirano is aware that he has an important culinary legacy to uphold. La Costanera already enjoys respectable Michelin Guide recognition; however, Chef Carlos knows about Peruvian restaurants being selected as some of the best in the world, which means that he must live up to a certain reputation. To this effect, the menu at La Costanera Restaurant features delicacies such as seared scallops with an avocado and hot pepper dressing, grilled octopus with potato puree, and new York steak carefully prepared the Peruvian way.

In California, La Costanera is the closest you can get to a fine dining Peruvian experience. The restaurant’s prime location in Montara Beach offers sweeping views of the Pacific, similar to the restaurants that line the Circuito de Playas freeway in Lima; this unique ambiance was specifically chosen by Chef Carlos to evoke the feeling of dining in the culinary capital of the Americas.

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