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Fancy Valentine´s Day Dinner at La Costanera

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Nothing says romance like an amazing meal. While we all have different ideas about what makes for a romantic dinner, it’s hard to go wrong with the seductive flavors of Peruvian food. From the rumored aphrodisiac powers of oyster on the half-shell to the alluring fragrance of Paella de Mariscos, you can’t miss with the special menu at La Costanera Restaurant this Valentine s Day.

Peruvian cuisine will surprise your valentine with an experience that’s anything but ordinary. Whether your date is already a fan of the food or completely new to this South American style of cooking, he or she will undoubtedly be impressed by its diverse indigenous and global influences, as well as the use of both earthy ingredients and exotic spices. The combination of complex, rich and hearty flavors and sophisticated techniques has been known to win over the pickiest of eaters, making this a no-risk option for your Valentine’s Day meal.

Although this stylish Latin cuisine isn’t as ubiquitous as some international fare — yet — most cities boast at least one Peruvian restaurant. At La Costanera Restaurant, we’re doing our best to ensure that foodies and those who just want a great meal discover these exciting eats. Our special menu on this special day lets you share incredible flavors and an intimate experience with the one you love — or the one you’re getting to know a little better.

With four courses (including cava with dessert), as well as introductory oysters and champagne, you and your guest will have plenty of chances to enjoy traditional dishes and new variations on classic entrees from Peru. Ceviche, causa and other mains and sides are sandwiched between incredible starters and luscious desserts. In addition to beautiful salads, perfectly prepared scallops, tender fillets and mouthwatering desserts like flourless chocolate terrine with Pisco crème anglaise, La Costanera offers attentive service, beautiful views of the water and a romantic atmosphere. Make this a Valentine s Day to remember with our special menu of fabulous Peruvian food.

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