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Facts About Peruvian Food

Facts About Peruvian Food


When it comes to geological diversity and innovative fusion cuisine, few nations can compete with Peru. Facts and statistics regarding Peruvian food highlight the jaw-dropping richness of this country’s cornucopia of crops.

The potato, one of the world’s most widely-produced crops, was originally domesticated in Peru over 7,000 years ago. Over 3,000 distinct types of potatoes grow in the region today. Varying in color, shape, size, and texture, the potato perfectly embodies the heterogeneous nature of Peruvian cuisine. Nearly 60 varieties of corn are also native to Peru, many of which possess particularly large, sweet kernels. Tomatoes, quinoa, and aji chili peppers are also treasured indigenous crops.

Since the days of the Spanish conquistadors, foreign influences have played a role in the evolution of Peruvian cuisine. European staple goods, such as wheat, garlic, celery, beef, and chicken were introduced by the Spaniards. Many modern Peruvian specialties, such as pisco brandy and alfajor cookies, are also Spanish creations. Later immigration from Asia and Africa further shaped the nation’s cuisine. Today, for instance, the streets of Lima are packed with over 5,000 Chinese-Peruvian eateries!

In recent years, Peruvian fare has risen to prominence on an international scale. By visiting a Peruvian restaurant, you can personally discover the diversity of Peru’s culinary heritage for yourself. Whether you’ve never tried a Peruvian dish or are a long-standing fan of cebiche and empanadas, La Costanera Restaurant is an eatery to add to your “must-visit” list. Located along the scenic coasts of Montara Beach, California, La Costanera offers diners the chance to indulge in Peruvian delights ranging from fruity pisco cocktails to succulent fried chicharrones. Treat your palate to authentic Peruvian flavors including the heat of aji chili peppers and the richness of raw botija olives. Discover the influence of other cultures on Peruvian dishes through entrées that incorporate elements of Asian and European cuisine.

To take your knowledge of Peruvian food to the next level, reserve a table at La Costanera! You’re guaranteed to learn more about Peruvian cuisine than words could ever describe.

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