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Delightful Peruvian Cuisine from Empanadas to Paella

Peruvian Seafood Paella

Spicy chili peppers, sweet potatoes, savory pumpkin, succulent corn, tangy tomatoes, char-broiled meats, tropical fruits and fresh seafood hint at the variety of flavors that comprise Peruvian cuisine. The tastes of Peruvian flavors echo the cultural and geographical influences that are as varied and exotic as their origins: Italy, Japan, China, Africa, Spain, Moorish cultures and the native area. From the rocky highlands to the lush Amazon basin and the Pacific Ocean, Peru is a fusion of tastes, sights and experiences.

Traditional Peruvian cuisine combines these delectable ingredients into dishes such as empanadas and paella, preparations that are enjoyed throughout the world. Empanadas, a Peruvian classic, combine savory pastry filled with a variety of mixtures of meats, vegetables and contrasting flavors like raisins or botija black olives. Empanadas may be topped with a sprinkle of powdered sugar or glazed with an egg wash for a soft surface. Although traditionally a meat dish, empanadas can also be vegetarian, filled with cheeses like feta or parmesan and complemented by flavors from mushrooms, artichokes and traditional Peruvian foods and sauces like aji amarillo or picadillo.

Peruvian paella comes in many forms, from the classic bomba rice infused with saffron cooked with seafood to spicy chorizo and chicken. Although Spanish in origin, paella takes on a distinctive character when cooked with traditional Peruvian flavorings.

If you are an established Peruvian food aficionado or are interested in trying this popular cuisine, a Peruvian restaurant with a chef well-versed in working with the spices and unique ingredients can serve up a multi-course meal of delectable items from appetizers to ceviches, grilled anticuchos to mouth-watering desserts like Suspiro a la Limena.

La Costanera Restaurant, located just south of San Francisco in beautiful Montara Beach, offers contemporary Peruvian dishes. Chef Carlos Altamirano, from the coastal area of Peru, brings flavors of his homeland to your table. The restaurant is complemented by a full bar that serves Peruvian beers, traditional Peruvian drinks and carefully selected wines that complement the flavors and colors of this cuisine. Come and feast with us!

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