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Delicious Peruvian Food To Finish Your Week

Delicious Peruvian Food To Finish Your Week

Weekends are a time for relaxing, enjoying life and trying new things. One great way to enjoy the weekend is to try a new food. Peruvian food is a good choice because of its unique and diverse range of flavors. For people who have a difficult time choosing a favorite type of food, Peruvian flavors never disappoint. This is because Peruvian food has many influences. These delicious Peruvian dishes are just a few great examples of enjoyable weekend starters.

People who like empanadas always rave about Peruvian empanadas. Try one with slow-cooked pulled pork, raisins and picadillo for a succulent blend of flavors that trump any pulled pork sandwich. For people who enjoy Greek food, a Peruvian empanada de aji de gallina is a good choice. It includes feta cheese, olives, stewed chicken and Peru’s signature yellow pepper sauce.

Fried Rice
Anyone who typically orders fried rice with Chinese food will instantly fall in love with Peru’s arroz chaufa. As it is with most Peruvian selections, this one is a fusion dish with foreign inspiration. The dish includes fried rice, asparagus, a scrambled egg, grilled pork belly meat, hoisin and Peru’s aji amarillo, which is a yellow pepper sauce.

Ribeye Steak
Health-conscious diners who like steakhouses can take their taste buds to new heights with Peruvian churrasco. This combination includes a Ribeye steak that is cooked to perfection, yucca fries and chimichurri andino, which is an Andean garlic sauce. Yucca is a known anti-inflammatory agent and contains fiber.

Tuna Tartare
This dish combines Japanese and Peruvian flavors. It includes Ahi tuna that is marinated in Nikkei sauce. The mixture contains Peru’s signature yellow pepper sauce, Dijon mustard, lime juice and soy sauce. Avocado and yucca chips complement the tuna tartare very well.

Grilled Octopus
Pulpo a la parilla is a great choice for seafood lovers. The grilling process brings out the best flavor for the octopus. Since Peru is famous for its thousands of potato varieties, this selection blends well with blue mashed potatoes and chimichurri.

These are just a few of the many examples of Peruvian cuisine. There are plenty of other dishes that blend one or more foreign influences with the original dishes of Peru. To try these scrumptious selections and others, visit La Costanera Restaurant. It is the top Peruvian restaurant in the San Francisco area.

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