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Our delicious “Ensalada Nuovo Andina”.. So yummy & healthy

Ensalda Nuovo Andina

Peruvian cuisine is filled with various colors and textures. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the flavors create a party in the mouth. Peruvian food has international influences. As immigrants settled in Peru, each group brought different ingredients from around the world. Sweet tastes were introduced by Spanish settlers, and sour flavors were inspired by Africans who used citrus fruits in numerous recipes. To enhance these flavors, other cultures taught interesting cooking techniques. For instance, Chinese settlers stir-fried with soy sauce and ginger. As Japanese culture was assimilated, fresh seafood was often added to meals as well.

To capture the essence of this type of cuisine, it is best to visit an authentic Peruvian restaurant. Before a heavy entree, many people enjoy a salad. A dish that showcases true Peruvian food characteristics is an ensalada nuovo andina. This starter combines mixed greens, toasted quinoa, cucumber, red onion, feta cheese, and avocado. It is a smart option for anyone who dislikes a great deal of spice. Peruvian dishes commonly feature chili peppers, but this salad is void of major heat. However, it is still rich in fresh flavors that are nutritious and delicious.

Quinoa is considered one of nature’s super foods. It is a tasty grain that is rich in amino acids and free of gluten and cholesterol. Choclo is Peruvian corn, which originated in the Andes. It has larger kernels than its American counterpart and has a chewier texture and nutty taste. All of the ingredients mesh beautifully and create a fusion of flavors that is hard to forget.

La Costanera Restaurant serves its own version of an ensalada nuovo andina. To balance the dish, a passion fruit vinaigrette is drizzled on top and is accompanied by some crispy wonton chips. This salad is a healthy selection that does not lack in taste and makes the perfect meal introduction, side dish, or lunch alternative. La Costanera is one of the finest dining locations in California. It is famous for its spectacular water views and serves contemporary Peruvian cuisine that provides a true Latin American dining experience. Chef Carlos Altamirano uses fresh ingredients that explode with flavor in every dish.

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