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This is the Best Paella You’ve Ever Tasted

Peruvian Paella

Paella is a dish that is distinctive to cultures with a Spanish heritage. From the heart of Spain to the streets of South America, paellas have worldwide appeal. With this widespread popularity, it is no surprise that there are countless recipes and numerous interpretations of this classic dish. To try some of the best, however, stop by at La Costanera Restaurant. At this high end Peruvian restaurant, the dish is prepared with refined Peruvian flavors and a tasty modern twist.

Historically, paella can be traced to the 1800s in Valencia, Spain. At first, the term was more a description of the pan used to make the meal than the meal itself. As the dish gained popularity, however, the term was eventually used for the meal, and soon it became a recognized symbol of Spanish culture as a whole. Traditional Valencian variations of the dish use white rice as a base before adding a delicious combination of green vegetables and meat. While the Valencian dish is considered the original recipe, seafood paellas are also very popular in the Spanish-speaking world. There are also plenty of mixed recipes, which feature vegetables and meats. Almost all recipes use saffron, rosemary and olive oil, and bomba rice is the most popular grain.

La Costanera Restaurant uses this strong tradition as a starting point for the range of options on their menu. To this end, all the menu choices are made with saffron and a generous helping of bomba rice. However, true to the nature of Peruvian cooking styles, the restaurant also seasons the dish with Cusquena beer. By using Cusquena beer, the dish is enhanced with true Peruvian flavors, bringing the tastes of South America strongly to the forefront.

Because the dish is so easy to customize, the menu features a number of variations. The lobster and linguica is very popular, offering a succulent taste for a high end dish. There is also a standard seafood variation, which features fresh seafood served over bomba rice. For those who prefer a more traditional recipe, the chicken and Spanish chorizo is an excellent choice. No matter what the preference may be, these paellas represent some of the best Peruvian food in the entire world.

These world class paellas are just a few of the delectable options on the menu. This way, no one has to travel to Peru to experience some of the best Peruvian food.

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